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N.D. Prajapati

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For those who have completed our regular English Speaking Course.

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(Duration: 3 months | Approx. 100 hrs.)

Course Contents


Basic Grammar (Speaking Related)


► Articles

►8 Parts of Speech

►Spelling Memory Techniques for Vocabulary

► Tenses with Memory Techniques

►Active-Passive Voice

➤ Degree of Comparison

►Direct-Indirect Speech

► Modal Auxiliaries

► Different types of structures & frames

► Special verbs

► RMS, RMC, Translation

► Conversation at various places like Airport, Hotel, Bank, Market, Restaurant

► Interview Facing Tips

► Drama, Role-play

►Teaching through Audio – Video Visual System (Projector) as well




Note: Subject to change



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Extra Material


Note: In case of less than 10 students, the lecture will be conducted for one hour.

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