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N.D. Prajapati

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For those who have completed our regular English Speaking Course.

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(Duration: 2 months | Approx. 50 hrs.)

Course Content

English Alphabet (vowels and consonants)

►Common names

►Spelling construction



►Name of places, animals, birds

►Name of flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc

►Family relationship

►Parts of the body

►Name of professions and occupations

►Number, days, months

►Seasons, directions




►Intro. of “this, that”

►Singular-plural rules

►Understanding of “To have”

►Noun, pronoun, verb, adjective

Conjunction, Adverb

►Common Prepositions

►Simple questions and answers

►Reading Practice

►Intro. of tenses Active-Passive voice (simple)

►Intro. of degree

►Intro. of direct-indirect speech

►Intro. of modal auxiliaries

►Speaking practice


Note: Subject to change

NOTE:  બેઝિક કોર્સમાં પ્રથમ-બીજી ABCD થી પાયો મજબુત થાય તે રીતે શીખવીએ છીએ. શરૂઆતના બે મહિના વિધાર્થીને પર્સનલની જેમ નાના ગૃપમાં શીખવાડવામાં આવે છે અને પછી રેગ્યુલર કોર્સ જોઈન કરવાનો હોય છે.

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