VIP ACADEMY reserves the right to remove your webpage from the Website pursuant to any legitimate claim received as to the content made available on your webpage. VIP ACADEMY shall reach a decision to remove your webpage upon verifying the validity of such claim, and reserves the right to suspend your webpage pending such decision. Any decision reached by VIP ACADEMY shall be final and binding, and shall not be subject to review.

Claims may be entertained on the grounds that Your webpage contains content that is:

harmful, offensive, insensitive, inaccurate, falsely misrepresents, or otherwise damages the reputation of the Website contrary to the applicable laws of India or the laws of any other jurisdiction to which You are subjected deceives clients about the identity or activities of the User or misleads the clients about the origin of the materials posted on Your webpage consists of any material that infringes the intellectual property, right of privacy or right of publicity of any other person, or otherwise purports to be under license from the owner when no license has been issued. harasses or advocates the harassment of another person promotes illegal activity or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or libelous offensive to an extent that would cause VIP ACADEMY to lose the support of its suppliers and stakeholders Services provided by VIP ACADEMY are non-refundable, and You agree and consent to the same. VIP ACADEMY provides that it will take all necessary steps to rectify any issues or errors that arise during Your use of the Website, upon notification of the same by You. If VIP ACADEMY comes to the conclusion that the issue or error cannot be resolved and has arisen by VIP ACADEMY’ sole fault, then VIP ACADEMY may choose to refund the amount paid for the service purchased. All decisions in this regard by VIP ACADEMY shall be final and binding, and shall not be subject to review.

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