Corporate Services

Apart from English Speaking courses, VIP ACADEMY offers a wide range of Training Programs for the corporate world. In today’s world of competition corporate training courses & customer care service training programs are necessity. In a contest between companies, the level of communication skills & educational skills of their employees will be the deciding factor on who bags the most profits and the best projects. Even on a smaller scale, between two individual employees with the same educational background, the one with better customer service skills & personality will always be the one to be promoted. This proves the importance of corporate training for employees both on company as well as individual level. VIP Academy helps achieve employees stay ahead of the competition by providing customer service training courses & corporate skills training programs that develop and evolve the skills as well as the personality of the employee.

Below mentioned are amongst the several customized training programs offered by VIP Academy:

1) Goal setting and achieving

2) Customer Relationship

3) Selling Skills

4) Time Management

5) Success Formula

6) Parenting

7) Celebrate your exam

8) Healthy life

9) Happy life

10) Winner’s Habits

Corporate Services
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